Great Experience with Nameera by Farooq Review

I usually don’t do this but I am writing this review for Nameera by Farooq, which is an online wedding and bridal dress website.

My experience with Nameera by Farooq was great. I ordered a bridal dress from them. As they mentioned on call that they do customizations for you so I had them make some changes to the dress. The dress was exactly the way I wanted it to be.

Nameera and her staff were so professional and cooperative, she discussed with me details about the dress and gave me her advice regarding some things which I couldn’t even think of, like the length of the lehenga or the length of the sleeves which I initially gave her too short of a measurement she saved me on that with double checking measurements.

I was quite anxious since I was ordering online and my wedding day was near. Nameera regularly sent me updates regarding my dress and the process it was at. 

I feel that I am fortunate that I found Nameera as it is difficult to find Pakistani bridal dresses in the US. When the dress was complete I had a call with her, where she showed me the complete dress and measurements. I got the dress on time as nameera committed. And she sent it to me with fast shipping and the package was well-packed. I had a great time unboxing it.  

My lehenga dress was exactly according to my body type. The premium quality of the fabric and perfect stitching made my bridal dress. The intricate work on the dress was so fine and beautiful that I just still can’t get over the way how I looked.

I’m so glad I came across Nameera by Farooq for my wedding dress. She helped me throughout the process.  Thank you so much Nameera for being the best at what you do. I will definitely recommend Nameera by Farooq to others because I know she will not disappoint you.

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